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Neo Soul

Instrumentation: Vocals/harmony

Available in various configurations.

Specializing in neo soul, blues, pop, r&b, jazz, and rock
JerVae has been singing since forever, and it shows. She has been featured in major San Diego shows such as "Joe Turner's Come and Gone" at the world renowned La Jolla Playhouse. She has also caught the attention of the press, from the San Diego City Beat to Tha, JerVae is definitely one to watch.​

"Not only is she a character, but her personality matches her music. So ditch the overproduced-yet-undercreative R&B you’ve been listening to and get into this. It sounds like you are watching a movie and watching a scene that tugs at your heart ever so gently because it brings back to mind a familiar situation. Slightly off-beat and kitschy yet musically tasty, I look forward to more music from JerVae in the future." - Tha Feedback

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